Quality and safety are our underlying principles.

Our Integrated Management System | enables us to provide the consumer with products of the highest quality and safety. We maintain high standards in every area of our operations. For us, quality is not only product quality, but also the quality of all business cooperation processes.

Raw material and product control | Quality starts with selecting the best suppliers. We work with regular suppliers in Poland and abroad. We monitor the crops that supply our raw materials, we know the entire history of our products. Such involvement ensures complete control over the entire supply chain.

Verification on all stages of production | Supervision over all production stages is maintained thanks to continued process monitoring and pre-marketing control of semi-finished products and end products. All raw materials and products are subjected to strict testing. We cooperate with well-known, certified laboratories in Poland and abroad, as well as with numerous research centres.


  • BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM CERTIFICATE  | A document confirming that our operations are conducted in accordance with the international BRC quality standards. See Certificate.
  • ORGANIC CERTIFICATE |  Certificate confirming that Bromex and imported products that we market come from ecological farming.  See Certificate.
  • KOSHER CERTIFICATE | A certificate issued by the Jewish Religious Communities Association in Poland, confirming that the food we produce is kosher and pareve.  See Certificate.
  • KASHRUT CERTIFICATE  |    Zobacz certyfikat.
  • FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) CERTIFICATE | This certificate affirms that Bromex facility is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. See Certificate.
  • HALAL CERTIFICATE  |  Certificate, proving that Bromex’s production meets Halal requirements. See Certificate.
  • PROCESS CERTIFICATE  |   See Certificate.